Regardless of where we work, we all love music. We listen to music to soothe and encourage either during the work and anything that we do. Music keeps us throughout the day. But we expect a lot of Advancements in the streaming industries. 

What should you expect in the future?

*Most of the products will be designed to connect the Tv screen using a wireless connection.

*Larger LCD monitors are becoming cheaper.

*Consumers will be using the broadband internet at home will increase.

*The main DVD rental companies will begin to offer video content directly through the internet. 

So just sit back, relax, to see what will happen in the future. Streaming video may seem like a novelty for now, but soon enough everyone will be using it in one form or another. Maybe someday all your movies, videos and TV shows will come straight from the internet to your television screen. 

Streamlined streaming services :

Many people choose streaming music and videos over downloading. Pandora has released their own streaming app which is like that of apple, and Spotify with a difference of Pandora’s uses its own data science to help in curation and discovery. 

VR music videos :

There is an increase in music that has been shot using 360 degrees videos which can be articulated to technology companies like Google, Sony, and Samsung. We are now expecting more music videos to be released in 3D representation space and virtual. 

Pay to play :

After a long battle between illegal downloads and privacy people are now willing to pay for an artist’s work. There is an increase in the number fans which has grown by over 35%. 

Amazon sneaks in :

Using the new introduced Ech smart speaker system, now Amazon offers a cheaper streaming service that is far below their competitors. Using its vast resources, Amazon is getting a deal with famous artists for both curation and music. 

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