Even though there are consumers all over the Data Recovery globe embracing cloud storage solutions, there are some companies like Dropbox who have changed the course of their direction. As of recent, this company stored most or all of its files in Amazon’s cloud. Today, however, the direction has changed to an onsite infrastructure that the company itself maintains. There are numerous reasons for this decision, based on information supplied by the company’s vice president’s comments. Some of the most notable involve the following: 

#1 – Dropbox Goal – Tighter Control :

One of the main reasons for moving the company’s files from Amazon to an onsite infrastructure is to gain better control of the Data Recovery that they are responsible for. Since the company has grown tremendously over the years and has become a dominant figure in cloud-based solutions, they are taking another direction going forward. The tighter control measures are being put in place so that the company can provide better performance to their customers. Similar to other companies in the past, they have relied heavily on cloud-based solutions offered by Amazon.

#2 – New Strategy Prevents Loss Of Data Recovery :

Another big reason for making this kind of move is to prevent loss of data. Therefore, the company is looking to implement a more comprehensive design in protecting the company’s information as well as the clients that they support. To leverage the competition in this area, the company will be providing a customized solution that will result in the client having better hardware and software that will fit their specific needs. With all of the changes being made, the company will also be more committed to preventing Data Recovery loss. 

Data Recovery

#3 – Pricey Solutions :

Because the company has grown tremendously, this offsite operation has become too pricey to run efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the control of the Wikipedia Data Recovery being placed back into an in-house infrastructure can assist with reducing the amount that is being paid out to their third party supplier. 

Moving to a cloud-based storage solution may be ideal for some companies. Therefore, the present trend has been with companies moving their files to the cloud so that they can be accessed and retrieved any time of the day or night. While this trend has climbed steadily and increasing customers on a continuous basis, it is important to note that companies like Dropbox have moved their Data Recovery back to an onsite infrastructure solution. The reasons for making this move is relatively simple to understand because an onsite infrastructure will help the company to provide better and tighter control from those who have a direct interest.