Did you accidentally delete the photos from your last vacation on your Android phone? There are several solutions to Data Recovery them. We present them to you.

Recover files that were on an SD card :

Several software can restore files that were on an external card. It can recover photos from your smartphone but also from your trash, your camera or even your mp3 player.

You should also know that the tool does not guarantee that you can recover everything. If the disk has been rewritten in the meantime, you may have lost your Data Recovery permanently.

More for those who mainly want to recover photos or videos. It ignores system files and targets the underlying data, allowing it to work even if your media has been damaged or reformatted.

To recover files that were in the phone memory, just download the Recover Files & Data app . The latter scans the entire phone and lists the lost files.

Only one constraint for it to work: to have rooted her phone because she needs super administrator rights.

Another feature that may interest some : Recover Files & Facebook Data can also delete deleted files once and for all. A good thing when you don’t want compromising images to end up in the wrong hands or when you resell your second-hand phone and you don’t want the new owner to find our vacation photos, our rib, the phone of our friends or other personal document.