It can happen to all of us –or it has happened to us–; If your smartphone had a fall or accident, we tell you how to recover files from a broken cell phone.

This hack works with Android mobile devices; also take into account that you must have a computer.

Follow these steps to Data Recovery Services and save your multimedia files on your computer, and if required on any removable memory.

There are different ways to achieve this goal, and it will also depend on whether you still see something on your screen or if it is totally off.

In this way, the option will be to take control of the smartphone from your PC. There are apps like Air Droid that will help you to take control of the device; however, you must have it previously installed.

Another situation could happen when the device is turned on but the screen is colored black without responding to touch. Don’t worry! Even if it is broken, it is possible to Facebook recover your files.

If your mobile device has a USB OTG port, it will be possible to control the screen with a mouse or mouse; or even a keyboard mouse. So you can use the cell phone as if it were a computer and send your files.