At various times in your life or career, you may experience a physical memory dump or hard drive crash. If you have never experienced this, it may Miami Data Recovery happen anytime and catch you unawares. It may be very frustrating to lose vital data, sensitive company information, your client database, great presentations, three years of research, your favorite photos, etc. A computer is not perfect, and the fear of data loss is real. Power fluctuations, power failures, spills and virus attacks can get to your hard drives and the next thing you know your important data has disappeared somewhere. 

If you don’t want to put your data in the hands of a stranger and you have some tech know-how, data recovery is a good option. In this article, I am going to share some mistakes people make in data recovery. 

Data Recovery Gone Wrong – Common Data Recovery Mistakes :

1. Running a disk repair tool on a failed hard drive – According to Miami Data Recovery experts, running a disk repair tool or reformatting to fix issues may end up hurting rather than helping. This is risky because you may end up overwriting the data and being unable to recover your information.

2. Trying too many times after failed attempts – People say that persistence is the key to getting what you want, but this principle doesn’t apply in data recovery. Trying to recover so many times may damage your data and make it a horrifying experience for you. If you are trying and not succeeding, seek the help of a data recovery expert rather than risk losing your data.

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3. Fixing physical damage using a software – Data loss may either be due to physical or logical damage. It’s essential that you differentiate between these two. Logical damage can be fixed using a data recovery software. However, trying to repair physical damage using a data recovery software can overwrite and destroy your data.

4. Violent handling of your hard disk – What most people don’t know is that a hard drive is delicate, handling it violently can lead to permanent destruction. I know that Data Recovery loss is a horrifying reality, but knocking, hitting or banging the drive will only lead to unrecoverable data. Handle it with the utmost care

5. Putting your hard drive in the freezer – You have experienced data loss, searched online for data recovery tips and one option that comes up is putting the drive in a freezer. What you need to know is that this idea is misleading, there is a 95% chance that it won’t work. Depending on what led to the loss, freezing your hard drive may not a practical solution. It may end up causing more harm than good. 

Data recovery may be tedious, but more often than not, it’s still possible. Be careful to avoid the mistakes mentioned above, to prevent permanent data loss.