Just like one insures their property data recovery so that they could have them back in the case of any occurrence that may destroy them, then data should also be protected. Cloud based data recovery strategies can be looked at like one is trying to insure their data.

 But is it worth it? Yes it is. Big enterprises and companies hugely depend on data to run their day to day activities which would all be crippled in the case that the data gets lost.

 There is various ways in which one can store and back up data but the cloud is arguably turning out to be the most reliable and safe way. This is because of how flexible and convenient it is. Some of advantages that come with using the cloud as a data recovery tool include:  

1. It is cost effective. You may think that paying for the services may be expensive but the contrary is true. Opting for traditional data recovery strategies may be more expensive as one will need too much hardware that would likely malfunction and that they will have to repair. 

The costs also increases in case the volume of data increases because one will have to get more hardware to back up their data.

2. Data becomes easily accessible. You will never always have to go to the office to access a file you urgently need while you are at home. With just an internet connection and a good device, you can access all information you need on the cloud provided you are authorized to. 

Not only does this make it easy for business men, especially for those who are constantly on the move, but also saves on a lot of time. You will no longer have to carry your hard drive around or any other piece of storage device.

3. You will never lose the data. This is because data in the cloud cannot be reached. 

Unlike physical data recovery strategies which can be affected in case of any adversities such as fire or any other occurrence, cloud based data has no specific location in which it has been stored.

 People like to think of it as a vast space in which data is stored anywhere and everywhere. You will therefore feel more secure with your data in the cloud.

4. Updating the system becomes easier. You will not have to update the hardware components, just maybe a few things on the software you use to access and back up data on the cloud.

The flexibility of using the cloud as a data recovery tool has numerous advantages which will ensure that your business and enterprise continues to thrive. 

The importance of data recovery cannot be underestimated and businesses are urged to take advantage of other enterprises that provide data recovery as a service. It will surely go a long way in promoting a business just by ensuring that the data is safe.