The Kindle is becoming more popular every day. This is attracting more demand for the Amazons e-readers. After a short time, the high demand makes it very difficult for the to manage the high number orders on daily basis. Whether you simply write in your spare time or as a full-time income, you can take advantage of this craze and monetize the ever-growing popularity of the Amazon Kindle by self-publishing your own e-book. Here are the key steps to self-publishing your own e-book and selling it quickly on the most popular online platform of its’ kind: are Cool tricks for the Amazon Kindle.

Creating An E-book Outline

This is the most important part of your Amazon Kindle e-book; you must choose a niche. This is a perfect time to decide exactly what type of e-book you’d like to self-publish. Maybe you wish to write about romance, possibly an easy how-to guide, or even horror… Whichever niche you select, start by creating an outline. Creating an outline will not only help you gather your thoughts, but will assist you in ensuring that you cover the topic chosen in a methodical and in-depth manner.


Start Writing

Once you’re ready to write your Amazon Kindle e-book, it’s time to reference your outline. Having your outline nearby, you’re able to write your e-book quickly and easily, while avoiding the plague experienced by most writers: writers’ block. Be sure to also use a popular word processor, such as Microsoft Word, which provides excellent language, spelling, and grammar tools that you can easily use to “comb” through your e-book from the introduction to the conclusion. Although most e-book writers tend to focus on length, just cover the necessary points and elements of your topic. Length isn’t important. However, never fill you e-books with “fluff”! Your reader’s aren’t looking for “fluff” or “filler” within your e-book, but rather solutions to their problems and desires.


Microsoft Word, although effective, is not 100% guaranteed, and therefore it is imperative to seek the assistance of a third-party, such as an acquaintance, family member, or even a relative to review and evaluate your e-book for possible errors. Better an acquaintance locate an error early, than a customer, or worse yet,! So remember, always proofread your content prior to submission.

Setup Your Free Account

In order to list your e-book for sell on the platform, you must create an account. Don’t worry. It’s absolutely free of cost. Simply visit on your favorite internet browser and follow the simple instructions; however, if you already have an account with, feel free to simply use the account you already have.

Self-Publish Your Amazon Kindle E-book

By going to the bottom of the page mentioned above and selecting the “Self-Publish With Us”, you will gain immediate access to the Amazon Kindle section for authors wishing to self-publish their very own e-books.

Submit Your Amazon Kindle E-book

Simply submit your new Kindle e-book to the platform. By locating the chosen file of your e-book on your computer, you can easily select it, submit it to, and it will be easily transformed into digital text, which is the preferred format for Amazon Kindle e-books.


Review Your E-book And Correct Any Mistakes

You can easily skip this step, but skipping isn’t wise! Take a few brief minutes after submitting your content to check for possible formatting errors. Although formatting errors are rare, they could become apparent. Therefore it’s important to preview your content in the digital text format and fix any formatting issues that may have transpired during file conversion.

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