The distinction between repairing, recovering a hard drive and Data Recovery can seem subtle. However, understanding it can mean the difference between keeping your photos, jobs, or business accounting files…or saying goodbye to them forever. For example, if you take your PC to a computer store to have it ” fixed “, it is possible that it will be returned to you in perfect working order but with the disk empty.

Why ? In fact this is because hard drives contain high precision mechanisms, with settings that can only be made at the factory. For example, if your external disk is not recognized by your PC after a fall, the damage may have affected its internal mechanisms (read-write heads, rotation motor…) or the magnetic plates, impossible to restore to their original state because very delicate.

In which cases can hard drive data be recovered?

When you want to extract and recover data from a damaged hard drive , there are specific techniques to bring the drive to life and stabilize it for a limited amount of time. Sufficient time to transfer the data to another medium. In some cases, if the failure did not affect the data area, the disks can become operational again, but in general it is not possible to repair them permanently

Data Recovery

Let’s imagine that our hard drive that has been working steadily for a few years starts to fail and data recovery is needed because an updated backup is not available. In most cases of hard drive loss of operation, the cause of the damage is due to magnetic corruption, some areas of the device lose their readability.

Recover data from hard drive on computer C drive :

There may be a similar error with the internal hard drive and hence information stored on the same computer cannot be read. But in case the problem lies in recovering Wikipedia data from computer hard drive, C drive, the chances of losing all the information stored there can be so high that some data may be unrecoverable.

The storage memory of any PC is very important and the loss of existing information in itself represents a considerable loss whether it is for an individual or a company. Above all, care must be taken not to attempt to solve the accessibility problem by using free online data recovery software or by entrusting such manipulation to inexperienced people.